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Eastern and Western Approach
Includes Breathing and Spirituality

The gems of Ancient Eastern Wisdom and the modern Western Scientific knowledge packed in 300 double-space pages.

This guide contains information about:

  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Stress Management Approaches
  • Mental Relaxation Approaches to stress
  • How Breathing Affects Stress
  • The Value of Spiritual Living
  • The Power of Now-- Zen Buddhism Approach
  • Stress Coping Skills- Self-Evaluation Test and 
  • Much more

"Diet and exercise alone are like a two-legged stool, says Dr. Redford Williams, director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center at Duke University. "It's more stable with the third leg, stress management.

     This guide describes stress treatment approaches that have been recognized for centuries by faith healers and meditators, and are now accepted by modern medical practitioners.  The first book to combine Eastern and Western Approach by an author with unique experience.  The author, Dr. Dhillon has an advanced degree in life sciences and evolution from the west and a fascination with yoga, breathing, and spirituality from the east crafted out of studies at Yale University, U.S.A. in the west and Punjab University, India in the east. 

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Art of Stress-Free Living: Eastern and Western Approach (ISBN: 1-4137-9506-4)
Author: Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon 
Priced: US$ 15.00.  New 2006 Title.  Made available in pdf format for quick same-day delivery, and produced exactly like the original page by page. FREE shipping and handling.

Book Description: Publish America. 2006 (click here to order original).  Paperback.  167 pages of text and photographs.  6" - 9" tall. A practical guide that provides stress treatment approaches recognized for centuries by faith healers and meditation experts, and are now accepted by modern medical practitioners. The first book to combine Eastern wisdom and modern Western scientific knowledge. This guide can save you from going to expensive seminars and other programs offered in medical offices, spas, schools or retirement centers.  You don't need to go to an ashram in India or a university "wellness" center, because this book provides various relaxation techniques that you will be able to follow at home.

Now available at Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble too:


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