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Userís guide to Macintosh Computers

(includes Microsoft Word for the Mac)

By Ian Rosenwald

     The guide offers a quick reference for standard Macintosh operations and will make you feel comfortable with your Mac. You might expect to pay $395 or more for this same information at so called quick workshops. You will receive information on these and much more:

  • Basic instructions to use the Macintosh.
  • Using disks and disk drives
  • Rebuilding your desktop
  • Varied topics such as trouble shooting and exchanging files with DOS and Windows
  • Control Panels and extensions
  • Do's and don'ts of your Mac
  • Restarting your computer and computer viruses

     With this guide you will learn to handle a sad mac, a frozen mac, bombs, crashes, extension conflicts, the blinking question mark and much more.  To make life a little easier, you will find in this guide which control panels and extension to keep on and which ones to keep off for regular day-to-day operations.  You will also find useful key combinations from simple shortcuts to complex operations such as resetting the Mac.

P.S. Remember, when you buy any one of these guides, you will receive FREE information on how to make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each and every month, LEGALLY and AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!!

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