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EAT MORE & LOSE WEIGHT: Never Diet Again

Before we talk about weight control, let me mention that proper weight is not only good for your health but is good for the society and country because: (1) Over 10 billion dollars are spent annually on weight reduction efforts in the United States. (2) The 10 billion dollar figure does not include the medical costs resulting from the obesity-related diseases. (3) Approximately 100,000 coronary by-passes are performed yearly at an average cost of $50,000 each (i.e. $5 billion per year). (4) About 1,000 people in the U.S. alone die everyday of cancer. (5) Proper diet and nutrition could save us and our nation most of the above expenses. (6) Proper diet and nutrition can save an individual insurance and medical bills; and help national health care crises.

Here're few suggestions to lose and maintain proper weight:

  • Knowing the proper diet and nutrition is the only solution to permanent weight control. (For example, fruits and vegetables are good for you not only because of lower calories and lack of saturated fat, but because they contain high fiber content and require more chewing.)
  • The methods of cooking are as important as food selection. For example, fries contain 42% fat as compared to 1% in a baked potato.
  • Weight control methods from fad diets to behavior modification never work--definitely not as easy as suggested.
  • Fat children grow as fat adults. Therefore, it is never too early to introduce children to proper eating habits.
  • Weight control not only improves your health but protects from cancer and heart problems.

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