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Western and Eastern Suggestions 
from Everyday Living to Spiritual Life

 Religion and spirit is not an other worldly belief in fate, luck, chance, or coincidence.  It is practical, reliable way to make sense of the real world, find peace in the midst of turmoil, and discover hope and joy.

     There are lessons in this guide irregardless of faith we belong to.  You will find information on:

  • Pain, Pleasure, and Happiness
  • Attitude and Actions
  • Focus, Mind, and Direction in Life
  • Fear and Worry
  • Love and Friendship
  • Work and Career
  • Spiritual Wisdom: God, Soul, and Spirit

     For full living and spiritual state of mind, these universal words of wisdom come handy to add an extra dimension to everyday life.  It's worth noticing that world’s great faiths are in accord in many fundamental moral values.  The fundamental truth or spirit or universal message or realization of oneness with God never change.  This was true in the past, this is true now and this will be true in the future.  The religious wars and ways religions differ has nothing to do with the spiritual reality but are made to differ to protect our insecurities in the name of religion.  Sometimes people object to the teaching of values on the grounds that people of different faiths must have essentially different values.  In fact, faiths of different names and histories often share common precepts.  Here’re the lessons irregardless of faith we belong to. They vary from simple everyday learning to more spiritual nature.

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