The Spiritual State of Mind is the Ultimate State of Happiness.

  It is this State of Mind which Rajnish called Orgasmic, Saints call Peaceful, Psychiatrists call Tranquil, and drug addicts call Getting High.

  I found pleasure in wine.  I found pleasure in women.  And I found pleasure in spiritual experience.  Only the last one was permanent. ---A King



      “Science, Religion & Spirituality” arrives at a time when youth is returning to a kind of religion, where spirituality is on the rise.  There is no longer value in articles with titles such as “Is God Dead?” If he was, the likely culprit was science, whose triumph was deemed so complete that "what cannot be known (by scientific methods) seems uninteresting, unreal.”  Today we are using science to complement our spirituality. It is this new notion that prompted the writing of this very first book to combine Eastern religious traditions and Western scientific knowledge to develop practical spirituality.

      This guide teaches how to observe the mind, to live in gratitude and to discard expectations. This guide also provides a value-based framework to life and tools with which to build the superstructure. The benefits of focusing on our spiritual-self include tranquility, increased production, a resurgence of vitality, mental clarity and joy of living.

      This book is not about creating a new religion, sect or movement, but in fact is about loving every religion.  An understanding of science, religion, and spirituality will put us on a road to love and happiness irrespective of our faith.

     The gems of wisdom are packed in nine chapters and each chapter starts with an appropriate quote by some famous spiritualist, divine personality, prophet,  philosopher or by the author itself: Chapter 1, The Power of Spirituality; Chapter 2, Religious Practices and New Consciousness; Chapter 3, The Universal Divine Mind; Chapter 4, A Free Mind; Chapter 5, Spiritual Living I; Chapter 6, Spiritual Living II; Chapter 7, God and Spirit; Chapter 8, Evil–The Absence of Goodness; Chapter 9, Full Living.  The chapters precede by ‘A Word’ of introduction, and are followed by ‘Test of Your spirituality Level,’ and References.  

     The book introduction starts with a popular quote by Albert Einstein: “Religion without science is blind.  Science without religion is lame”  However, Dr. Dhillon goes even further to prove reconciliation between science and religion.

Science, Religion & Spirituality (ISBN: 1-4241-1126-9)
Author: Dr. S. S. Dhillon 
Priced: US$ 15.00.  New 2007 Title.  Made available in pdf format for quick same-day delivery, and produced exactly like the original page by page. FREE shipping and handling.

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