A Simple Solution to America’s Weight Problem

In Just 5 Minutes A Day

No diet, drug or vigorous exercise to risk your health

      It’s really amazing how simple things practiced regularly can place us in a mind-boggling 'healthy' level.  In this simple technique using as little as five-minutes a day we can reduce stomach which is essential to lose weight. If “Banish Belly and Lose Weight” using as little as “Five-Minutes a day sounds unbelievable,  it really is.  But find yourself.  This simple technique is not about diet, drug or vigorous exercise to risk your health.  Will it work overnight? Almost ‘Yes,’ because you will start noticing the difference everyday starting with day-one.  It will not only reduce your weight and stomach but will improve your overall health.  It will eliminate digestive system problems such as gas problem, acidity, constipation, and cleanse your colon.  It will help to keep prostrate healthy and fibroid of uterus under control.  It will lower cholesterol, cure diabetes, and above all improve your physical and mental health.

    This is not really a regular "Lose Weight" book but describes a unique technique that contains personal account of the author Dr. Dhillon who an advanced degree in science in the west at Yale University in USA and had an earlier education in the East at Punjab University in India .  He shares information from East as well as from West, and has written 12 guides combining Eastern and Western approach to health from happiness to longevity.

    Here's what he says in his own words:      My personal experience is what prompted me to share this information.  I am in my sixties and live in North Carolina on East Coast.  I visit my son every 3 or 4 months who lives on West coast in Northern California - San Francisco Bay area.  During each visit I gain between 4 to 8 pounds depending on the length of stay.  During last visit from December 20, 06 to January 15, 07 my weight went to 166.2 pounds which was about 8 pounds more and this time during my visit between March 30 to April 10, 07, it was 162.8 pounds which was about 4 pounds more than my usual weight.  During my last visit I brought down to my normal weight by increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrate in my diet.  My exercise schedule was about the same.

      It is during this April visit when I tested my new technique described in this guide.  Although it was only 11 days visit but again I weighed about 4 pounds extra.  I reached back in North Carolina middle of night, the next day as usual I weighed myself and it was 162.8 pounds.  In the next 7 days I changed nothing in terms of diet or exercise but used this technique that I am giving in this book. My weight started to come down everyday (even when I was using my usual optimum diet and exercise) except one day that it went from 159.2 to 159.8 pounds.  I usually don’t drink by myself but happened to have 2 gatherings where I did took some alcohol.  Alcohol is OK but not good during weight loss program.  My weight on April 17, 07, almost exactly after one-week was 158 pounds.  I don’t know how much will be fat but my belt went down almost one-notch.   I do understand that there will be some water loss. But  I don’t hesitate to call it a miracle technique for reducing belly and losing weight.  The most effective among any method I have tested or written about weight loss.

How to get it and how about the cost: It doesn't cost anywhere close to what those diet pills and colon cleansing solutions cost.  Moreover, there are no side effects like any of these pills and chemicals.   To introduce this amazing secret, we are offering  for only $15 which is less than one dinner, and you get the information same day if you pay via PayPal or Credit Card..
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